A party line is a telephone service that allows callers to talk to others in a group setting. They are similar to many chat rooms that are found online. Some party lines also give their callers the option to listen to member profiles and to send private messages. A party line is not an easy business. However, purchasing your own party line could prove to be an extremely profitable business. Most party line business owners charge a per-minute rate for each caller. Some even charge a monthly membership fee.

Make a list of telephone service providers to call. Whether you choose a local or national service provider will depend on your business plan. National 900 service numbers are available through four carriers: AT&T, MCI , Sprint Gateways and Telesphere Information Services 900. Local services can be contracted for a local or regional 976 line.

Make a list of the features you want to provide for your party line. Choose options that make sense for the type of party line you want to start. Some popular features that party line callers enjoy are community chatting, individual profiles, the option to invite other callers to group chats or smaller, one-on-one chats.

Call each telephone service provider on your list and ask to speak with a sales representative that is qualified in dealing with 900 service numbers.

Tell each sales rep you are planning to start a chat line, or party line. Ask them if they can provide the features you are looking for. Mark on your list what each provider can offer. Ask each provider about pricing.

Examine the list of providers, considering service and price. Choose a provider.

Call your chosen provider and ask them to draw up a contract for your party line business. Before signing the contract, read it thoroughly to be sure the service provider included all of your requirements. Once the contract is signed and service begins, you will be billed monthly by the provider.


The best place to advertise a party line service could be on the local cable TV channels. Cable TV ads placed on national cable channels can be purchased for as low as $1 per minute.