Various industries utilize pay-per-call numbers for different reasons such as a fundraiser, customer service line or as a technical support hotline. However, before you set up an 800 number, you must determine the various fees involved. To configure your 800 number pay-per-call service, choose a provider who charges you a one-time fee or one with whom you subscribe on a monthly basis.

Set up an account to obtain your pay-per-call funds. Go to a bank and set up a business account where you can deposit your monthly pay-per-call revenue. Clients using your pay-per-call system call your 800 number and purchase your service using their charge card. This enables you to receive these funds directly into your designated bank account.

Find the provider with whom you want to work. Take into account vital factors such as the amount of money it costs to establish your pay-per-call number, monthly charges and call log access.

Contact the company you choose directly. Tell the pay-per-call company you want to set up your greeting and message. This message needs to list all of the services and products you plan to offer via your pay-per-call service in great detail, so your customers understand exactly what you offer.