PayPal is one of the largest, most popular and widely recognized online payment platforms on the web. A newly opened PayPal account is automatically given an initial limit to how much can be sent. According to PayPal, this limit is determined by several factors, including your country of residence and account sign-up date. This step-by-step tutorial will help you get PayPal to quickly and efficiently raise your payment limit.

Things You Will Need
  • Internet access

  • Credit or debit card

  • Bank account

Confirm the email address you used to sign up for PayPal. Follow the instruction in the "Welcome" email to confirm your email.

Linking and confirming a valid credit or debit card will also raise your payment limit. PayPal confirms a credit card by charging a small amount to the card (the amount is refunded to your PayPal account once your card is confirmed). This charge will be accompanied by a 4-digit PIN associated with the charge---you should be able to find this 4-digit number on your credit card bill or by logging into your online banking account and viewing the charge. Log back in to your PayPal account and enter that 4-digit code to verify your card.

Link and verify a valid bank account. The verification process is similar to the credit card verification process. Only in this case, PayPal will make small, random deposits to the account. You need to find the exact amount of these deposits by checking your bank statement or accessing your accounts through online banking. Once you enter those deposit amounts, PayPal will verify your bank account and raise your payment limit.

An alternate way to help increase your payment limit is to verify your physical address. PayPal will send a confirmation code by postal mail to your address. You can request this by visiting PayPal's "Security Center" section and requesting it. Once the letter arrives in the mail, you'll need to log back into your PayPal account and enter the number to confirm your address.

Directly request PayPal to raise your limit. Visit their "Resolution Center" on the website and look for the links on how to remove limitations (should be towards the top of the page). PayPal lists additional ways to increase your payment limit (including verifying a landline phone number) Follow the steps and submit your request to PayPal. According to the website, they attempt to resolve all requests within 3 business days.


Never click a PayPal link in an email, even if the email looks legitimate. PayPal is often imitated by scammers and phishers--authentic PayPal emails will never ask you for you password, social security number, or other personal information by email. Always enter in the PayPal URL yourself and log in to your account to keep your account and personal information safe.