How to Close an E-ZPass Account


Has your business closed a delivery route that traveled along a toll road or bridge? Closing the E-ZPass account or shutting down the transponder associated with the vehicle will ensure your business properly accounts for equipment and doesn't face any unnecessary charges in the future. If you do not have a customer service center nearby to close your account in person, terminate your account by mailing a form to the appropriate agency.

Closing an Account

Visit the website for your state or region's E-ZPass office or E-ZPass equivalent, such as the Illinois I-Pass program. Under the FAQs on the website or your account directory, find a link specifying instructions for closing your account. These services allow you to handle the closure through the mail but require the submission of a dedicated form that requires, at a minimum, your account number, name and address. Some services also request the numbers of individual transponders and ask that you list a payment method for any fees owed in excess of the account balance. The form will provide a shipment address for your request.

Eliminating a Transponder

If your business manages multiple E-ZPass transponders, you can easily eliminate a transponder servicing only one route while maintaining your account. Funds for an individual transponder are drawn from an overall E-ZPass account. Eliminating one transponder does not close the parent account. However, in some instances, it reduces the regular charges as the replenishment amount for your account is based on the number of transponders in use.

Returning the Equipment

When you submit your account closure form, the transponder you are returning – or all transponders assigned to the account you are closing – must be returned. In order to keep your E-ZPass from recording transactions while in transit, ship the transponder in its original packing materials or wrap it in aluminum foil. E-ZPass also recommends shipping back the units with a delivery confirmation service that provides proof of delivery, such as certified mail or signature confirmation. Retain the proof of delivery in your files. After the transponder and your form are received and processed, E-ZPass will refund your remaining account balance to the debit or credit card on file.

Keeping Tabs on Future Transactions

Without an E-ZPass account, your business will need to pay toll fees on a per trip basis on any future journeys. To stay on top of costs, ensure drivers traveling through a toll region have proper change provided by your company or a log sheet to document costs for later reimbursement.


About the Author

Ashley Mott has 12 years of small business management experience and a BSBA in accounting from Columbia. She is a full-time government and public safety reporter for Gannett.