A Personnel Accounting Symbol (PAS) code is a unique eight character code assigned to each individual unit of the U.S. Air Force. Each person who is assigned to a specific air force unit will share the same PAS code. Accessing the proper PAS code is important to those who are required to list the code on forms required by the Air Force to accommodate any number of human resource related requests.

Review applicable fact sheets regarding the program or division for which you need a PAS code. This may provide a quick answer to your search. For instance, the Air Force fact sheet for the for the Special Professional Education and Stipend Programs lists the PAS code for the Health Professional Services Program (HPSP) as S83IFB2B as well as listing the PAS codes for the other professional education and stipend programs. A number of the Air Force fact sheets can be found on the website of the Air Reserve Personnel Center. Access to these fact sheets does not require a login or secure access and anyone can access them. This makes this method for finding PAS codes one of the easiest possible approaches for those who do not have access to the official list.

Request access to the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) secure website. In order to retrieve an up-to-date listing of PAS codes you should access the official list maintained by the AFPC. However, access to this list is limited to those with secure access to the personnel center website. The login page to the AFPC site contains specific instructions to Air Force personnel on how to register on the site. Non-Air Force personnel wishing to access the AFPC site should follow the directives in the Procedures for Requesting Civilian System User IDs document.

Retrieve the list of PAS codes from the AFPC secure website. Once you have logged into the AFPC secure website navigate to the PAS code listing page.


The Air Force District of Washington is charged with the management of Air Force PAS codes.