How to Clean the Check Scanner

If you use a check scanner machine as part of your point of sale retail operations, you will need to clean it periodically to make sure it continues to operate properly. A check scanner is a device that is used to scan the account and routing number of a check into a POS system. Over time the check scanner will get dirty because dust and debris on checks will get trapped in the document track and rollers. Cleaning the check scanner will ensure the information on the checks will be properly recorded.

Inspect the document track area. Use a flashlight if necessary and remove any debris stuck in the track, such as staples, bits of paper or paper clips.

Spray compressed air into the document track. The compressed air will remove any accumulated dust trapped in the track.

Run a scan cycle on the check scanner and then hold a cleaning card in the document track. The rollers will deposit any trapped dirt onto the card. Flip the card over when one side gets dirty. Run as many cards as needed through the document track until dirt is no longer deposited.

Clean the rollers with check scanner cleaning swabs. Place the tip of the swab against the roller, and move it back and forth to remove any dirt. Alternatively, you can run a scan cycle on the check scanner and hold the tip of the swab against the roller to remove any dirt.