In self-inking stamps, the stamp sits in a swiveling mechanism. The stamp spends most of its time resting against an ink pad, but when you press down on the unit, the stamp swivels down to leave ink on a surface. You can refill most self-inking stamp ink with ink to avoid replacement, but if you need to replace one, there is a fairly simple process involved in removing the pad.

Step 1.

Push down on the stamp until the bottom of the top piece is even with the top of the ink pad, which is set in the lower half of the stamp.

Step 2.

Move the lock on the side of the stamp forward to its unlocked position. Some stamps may only have a button here, so you'll need to press and hold that button.

Step 3.

Pull out on the cartridge. You will hear it click into place when it is fully extended, but you'll need to keep pulling to remove it. Once the pad is out, you can dispose of it.

Step 4.

Slide the replacement cartridge into the empty slot on the stamp. Move the lock switch back to its normal position, or release the button, to make the stamp ready for use.