Lamination uses a clear plastic film to cover and permanently bond both sides of an important document or photograph. The lamination pouch, when sealed, is waterproof and protects the document from further deterioration and sun damage. The process is simple, once the machine heats up, a document is placed in a lamination pouch and then run through the machine to seal it. Sometimes a document can get stuck in the machine or come out with bubbles in the plastic. There are a few simple steps you can run through to troubleshoot most glitches that occur.

Step 1.

Check the temperature setting to make sure it is the same as the laminating pouch thickness you are using if the lamination job comes out of the machine with a wavy appearance. If your machine has a temperature control, turn the heat down until the indicator light comes on. If there is no temperature control, turn the lamination machine off and try again once it has cooled down.

Step 2.

Remove the document from the machine as soon as it emerges from the slot if the ends are curling up. Rest the document on a straight surface to cool.

Step 3.

Allow the machine to warm up sufficiently if the lamination has bubbles in it or looks cloudy. The indicator light should light up when the correct temperature has been reached. Increase the temperature and run the laminating pouch through again.

Step 4.

Clean the rollers if lines appear on the surface of the lamination. Run a cardboard carrier through the machine about four to five times. This should clean out any debris from the inside of the machine.

Step 5.

Switch the machine off and push down on the release lever at the back of the machine if a jam occurs. This will allow you to disconnect the rollers from the motor and pull the lamination pouch out. Never force the pouch out. If you cannot get the pouch to slide free, you may need to take your machine in to a qualified service repairman.

Step 6.

Check that the item you are about to laminate is pushed up against the edge of the sealed pouch. Leave a minimum of 2 mm around the rest of the document to avoid jamming.


When laminating several documents, such as ID cards, always use a carrier card as this will help guide the items through the machine without a jam.

Take care not to cut the seal when trimming around a laminated document.


Do not laminate an item that is irreplaceable.

Do not make your own carrier sheet. Always use one provided with your machine or the pouches.