How to Create an Online Interactive Brochure

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Companies design printed brochures to promote their products in a short pamphlet format. Use a website to create an online interactive brochure that improves upon the printed brochure concept. Unlike printed brochures that list contact information, online brochures contain interactive contact forms. While traditional brochures contain sales material that encourage readers to buy products, online brochures go beyond sales content by enabling readers to buy products straight from the brochure site. Create online brochures as simple promotional websites with interactive functionality.

Showcase high-quality images and catchy promotional content throughout the online brochure website, just as you would for a printed brochure.

Create a website homepage to serve as the brochure cover. Unlike printed brochures, where readers skim through its entirety, readers select which pages to visit when using online brochures. Enable readers to select pages by including clickable images of each product on the homepage. Include a short paragraph introducing your company and types of products you sell.

Create a webpage for each product image on the homepage. Each product page should contain at least one large product photograph. If the product contains variations, such as different colors or sizes, include several photos. Write detailed product specifications, such as product number, pricing, description and dimensions.

Set up online shopping cart functionality on the brochure website. Add a "Buy" button to each product page to enable readers to interactively buy the advertised product. When readers click on the "Buy" button, the product will be added to their shopping cart. The reader buys the chosen product by entering his contact information, payment details and shipping information.

Create an additional webpage containing a "Contact Us" form. Create a contact form with fields for collecting contact information, including name, phone number, fax number and email address. Add fields for users to input product of interest and additional questions. Include your company contact address, phone number, fax number and email address on the bottom of the "Contact Us" pages for readers who prefer contacting you directly instead of using the form.

Add a "Request Additional Details" button to the bottom of each product page. Link the button to the "Contact Us" page, enabling users to interactively request further product details.


  • Although online brochures contain functionality that printed brochures cannot, many people still prefer traditional brochures. Use printed brochures for in-person contacts and online brochures for website advertising.