How to Start a Pick-Up & Delivery Business

There are so many things to consider when starting a business.Consider what type of business that you want. Are you interested in owning a franchise? Perhaps you would rather own a specialty store? One sure-fire winner is a pick-up and delivery business. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps, and you will be on your way to becoming the owner of your very own pick-up and delivery business.


Determine your service area. A wide area is better than a limited delivery area, but for distant pickups and deliveries, make sure you factor in travel time because you don't people to think you're late.

Memorize the local business districts. A map should be used as a last resort. When customers give you their address, you should immediately know the quickest route to reach them.

Place an ad in the yellow pages. Most pickup and delivery businesses get a lot of business from the yellow pages.

Obtain business insurance. Liability insurance is necessary in case of an accident.

Establish a business bank account

Develop a customer service policy. Be able to discuss with customers exactly what you can and cannot pickup and deliver. For instance, some people specialize in bio-medical waste or hazardous liquids. Other services simply deliver papers or records to be archived.

Leave your business cards at all businesses that might have be repeat pickup and delivery business. For instance, printing businesses repeatedly require delivery services. Medical offices can also be another repeat customer.

Create a website where people can enter the number of boxes they have to move and get an instant online quote. Do not provide quotes via e-mail. E-mails take time. People want quick quotes. If a competitor offers quicker service, your potential clients will go elsewhere.

Create an release form and inventory checklist. Do not leave a delivery without having a customer sign a release form indicating that the packages were received, and nothing was damaged. You should have a record of who accepted delivery and their contact information.

Obtain customers by networking. For instance, join a business networking group in your area that specializes in providing references.


  • Introduce your business to other businesses by offering a promotion.

    When promising a due time, always allow plenty of time for unexpected situations.

    Make sure you have plenty of operating revenue. Clients typically pay in 10 - 30 days, so you need your expenses covered until they start paying their bills.


  • Make sure you always know what you're delivering. Hazardous materials require special permits and licenses.