Trying to land a contract with an apartment complex? Focus your energy on researching individual apartment complexes, their current vendors and your competition. You need the appropriate business licenses and insurance, as well as a top-notch presentation covering everything your business can offer and why you're the best person for the job.

Things You Will Need
  • Business license

  • Insurance

  • Business plan

  • Business presentation

Secure the appropriate licenses with your city and state and comply with any worker's compensation, tax and insurance requirements.

Develop a business plan and presentation relating to your business and apartment complexes. If you want to offer plumbing or contracting services, show photos or videos of properties you have worked with before. Collect client testimonials and set rates for your business.

Make a list of apartment complexes in your area and find out what type of zoning they have and the range of tenants. Your services may be completely different for section 8 housing, luxury apartments, high-rises, family-oriented properties, retirement communities and corporate units.

Identify how your services directly relate to each property and cater your business presentation around their needs. The more you know about each property, the better your chances of doing business will be.

Research your competition, their rates, current clients, services and presentation. Determine how to set yourself apart by offering increased value. You can give add-ons to services, lower your rates or get certified in your field. Try to specialize in a niche to focus on one particular skill instead of a wide variety of services.

Find out who the apartment complex manager or management company is and research their background. There may be articles in the newspaper on how they improved the complex or their past business partners and experience. Identify their interests and business practices to cater your services around their needs.

Contact the apartment complex manager or leasing agent and ask for an appointment. If they act uninterested, offer a special introductory rate or a free service to get your foot in the door.

Give a well-researched presentation catered to their specific apartment complex. Describe why they need your business, how you will get the job done, how it will benefit the property and how much it will cost.