A sublease allows a renter to lease the residence to another party if it will be vacant during the term of the lease. People who benefit from subletting their homes include students who are off from school for summer break, members of the armed forces who go abroad to serve their country and people who need to cover their expenses while they live in a different location. If you want to offer a sublease, several advertising methods will help you to find a short-term occupant for your property.

Read your rental agreement and find the clause that allows for a sublease. If it's in your contract, let your landlord know that you plan to sublease your place to another renter. Give the landlord all of the new tenant's information once you have it.

Create an ad to place on university campuses in your area. Contact those in charge of housing at schools in your immediate area and inform them that you have a property to advertise to their students as a sublease. Find out where the best location on campus is to post the ad. List the rent required, the number of months for which the apartment can be sublet, the section of town where the sublease is located and any other relevant information on the flyer that you place on campus.

Use an online service, such as Craigslist.com (see the Resources section), to sublet your space. This particular service is free and can be used to find a short-term tenant.

Contact brokers in your city. Real estate brokers can present you with the names of potential renters to sublease your property.

Place an ad in the real estate section of your hometown paper. Run you advertisement for seven days to test the response rate. In the event that your ad does not produce adequate results, consider placing an ad in a different newspaper.

Tell everyone you know that you have an apartment that you wish to sublease. Offer a referral fee to anyone who provides you with a tenant.

Screen applicants thoroughly by checking credit, employment and prior rental history to ensure that you find someone reliable.