How to Calculate the Rent for a Sublease Office Space

by Matt McGew - Updated September 26, 2017

A sublease is a type of lease where the original lessee assigns the rights of a lease to third party known as the sublessee or subtenant. Typically when renting office space, the price comes per square foot of office space. Prices expressed this way are useful for comparing commercial office space. However, to determine the monthly rent, you need to know the overall square footage of the space and multiply by the price per square foot.

Determine the price per square foot of the office space sublease. For example, assume the price per square foot is $30.

Determine the total square footage of the office space. You can normally ask the real estate agent, check property records or calculate this number yourself by multiplying the length by the width of the space. For example, assume the total square footage of the office space sublease is 500 square feet.

Multiply the price per square foot from Step 1 by the total square footage figure from Step 2. Continuing the same example, $30 x 500 = $15,000. This figure represents the monthly rent on the office space sublease.

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