How to Promote a Boarding House. Starting a boarding house business is a way for the owner of the house to make a profit from renting out individual rooms of the house. Sometimes boarding houses are large buildings that have been converted and sometimes they are smaller homes that rent out a couple of rooms. Either way, it can be a nice form of passive income for the owner if the owner promotes it effectively.

Promote the boarding house with a website. If the house has its own website complete with pictures, room rates and other details, it will be easier for potential renters to find it. Local renters can find the house when searching for boarding houses in the area. People moving to the area can find it and arrange to rent it before they move.

Use fliers in the surrounding area. If there are a lot of apartment buildings nearby, there may be people who would prefer a boarding house. Fliers will interest not only the apartment dwellers but people who come to see the apartments and find out that there's a boarding house nearby.

Create a theme for your house. There are a number of boarding houses that have a specific occupational theme. A boarding house for writers, artists or students will get additional interest as people within that occupation tell each other about the house. Themed boarding houses often have waiting lists for new residents.

Add something to the deal. Everyone loves free stuff. If you promote the house along with whatever you throw in for free, you will get a lot more attention. The free item can be something like free breakfast every Sunday or an inexpensive desk for each room.

Join the local Chamber of Commerce. These organizations have regularly scheduled networking functions and publications allowing you to promote your business to others in your community.