A coffin, also known as a casket, is a box used to bury a dead body (or corpse). It is used to display or contain the deceased remains until the burial or cremation. Getting started in the coffin business usually involves opening a store to display your assortment of caskets. A prospective coffin store business owner needs to assess local competition in order to differentiate your business from existing ones. Opening a casket store can be a lucrative business if detailed research is conducted.

Research the coffin industry. Contact casket manufacturers and distributors to assess your inventory costs. Ask whether metal and wood casket costs are similar. Inquire about the different kinds of coffins, such as oak, hardwood, maple, steel, bronze and mahogany. Regularly visit the website of the National Association of Funeral Directors and Morticians to see a list of casket distributors and obtain information pertaining to manufacturers.

Construct a delivery time frame for ordinary and custom caskets. This is an important aspect of the coffin business as customers regularly request modifications, special designs or expedited service for larger people. Determine store policies, such as no liability insurance for delayed delivery or shipment due to unfortunate circumstances or inclement weather.

Evaluate the competition in your area when deciding how to price your caskets. Visit some of the stores to get an idea of what everyone is charging. Examine and compare the quality of their merchandise to yours. Find an area of the business where they are lacking in caskets or customer service and develop a niche. For example, if a coffin store only sells coffins, but no funeral charges, then you might develop a niche where you partner with local funeral homes to put together a funeral package.

Select an adequate location. Consider purchasing or leasing property near cemeteries and funeral homes. Contact your zoning department to ensure a coffin store can reside at a specific address. Invest in a larger location if you intend on selling coffins online as well.

Advertise your new coffin business. Place advertisements near the local newspaper's daily obituary section. Design a website that lists descriptions, pictures and prices of your coffins. Network with family and friends to get the word out about your business. If your budget allows it, rent a small billboard near your location or a cemetery.