You can offer property maintenance services to small businesses that can’t afford a full-time staff. Decide what services you feel comfortable in delivering and stay within those limits. As you grow your business, you can enlist the help of other contractors to help serve your clients. Offer painting, plumbing work, electrical work, cleaning services and repair services once you gain skilled employees or partners. Strive to provide good work at competitive prices.

Things You Will Need
  • Business license

  • Van or truck

  • Business partners

  • Business brochures

  • Business cards

  • Storage for supplies

  • Repair tools

  • Cleaning equipment

  • Phone and voice mail

  • Insurance coverage

  • Professional licenses

  • Client services contract

Decide which services you wish to deliver to clients. Start small and deliver good service that will provide references for your advertising and brochures. Begin by obtaining a business license and insurance coverage. Consult with an attorney to write a contract that clients must sign as they engage your services.

Sit down with each client to gather information about services needed. Negotiate hours per week that you will serve each client and what your weekly fee will be. Offer services based on hourly fees as well. Hire partners and subcontractors if clients request services outside your realm of expertise.

Designate time blocks to serve particular customers needing predictable services. Appoint employees or partners to work in certain time frames and capacities so that they will know their work expectations. Buy cleaning supplies, repair tools and maintenance equipment to take onsite in a van or truck. Rent storage space or office space as needed if you choose not to run the business out of your home.

Keep your professional lisences up to date. Review all licenses held by your employees for electrical work or plumbing too. Sending someone onsite to do work without a proper license sets you up for liability issues if anything goes wrong. Stay on top of all paperwork and keep your business in order from every perspective.

Build your property maintenance business one client at a time. Refrain from taking on new customers until feedback is positive concerning the services you provide. Solicit lots of feedback from customers to figure out how to improve your business.


Begin your business by working on weekends only, if you have another job. Offer to cover for other property maintenance services on weekends or holidays until you test the waters. Never take on a job you are not qualified to fulfill. Be very clear and honest with clients concerning your level of expertise in any given area. This kind of honesty will earn you respect in the community.


Hire employees or engage partners to help you serve clients around the clock. Don't try to work double shifts or respond to emergency calls around the clock yourself. This will will destroy your sleep schedule and work focus. Schedule work in shifts of eight to 10 hours, so all workers can be at their best.