Busy people need to get things done, but finding enough time presents a problem. If you enjoy helping people handle everyday tasks, starting a concierge service may make perfect sense. To succeed in the business, develop a marketing plan that helps you find your niche so you attract ideal clients and take on all the work you can handle.

Services Offered

The services you offer provide the first clue on how to market to prospects and create a niche. You may want to offer errand running, grocery shopping, organizational and moving services, pet handling or clutter cleanup. Concierges may see a greater need for their services before the major holidays, making gift wrapping, gift delivery and party planning ideal services to offer. Some concierges manage house cleaning and landscaping tasks, using subcontractors to complete the work. Other concierge businesses work with corporations that provide personal services as a benefit to their employees.

Target Audience

Uncovering the demographics of your target market helps narrow your focus so you concentrate on prospects that truly want to pay for your services. You may want to approach young professionals, executives, busy mothers or corporate clients. Look for common characteristics such as sex of the decision maker, where prospective clients live or work and the media they read or listen to. Identify income levels, and research whether single- or dual-income households are a common trait among your target market.

Competitive Analysis

Researching the competition helps you find out what they do to attract clients. In addition to researching direct competitors, look for indirect competition such as cleaning services, companies that provide organizational services, event planners and household managers. Review the target market and promotional strategies each company uses to attract clients. Look for services your company could provide that the others do not offer. To find your competitors, look for their websites, or head to review sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp to learn more. Check out local concierge organizations as well as the National Concierge Association, the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association and the National Association of Professional Organizers to uncover and learn more about the competition.


Concierge services need to find ways to meet ideal clients. Part of your promotional efforts may require educating your target market on the benefits of your services, making a website ideal for explaining what you do. To build business, ask your current, satisfied clients for referrals to their friends and family. If your target market consists of corporations, call targeted companies to learn who makes the decision on hiring concierge services, and then schedule a meeting with that person to introduce your services. Head to networking or business events to meet corporate clients. Condo and homeowner association newsletters give you an affordable way to get in front of your target market while ads in local publications and phone directories may lead to more business.