Getting your pitch in front of a decision maker who needs human resources services means plenty of careful planning. You must focus on more than providing a reason they should hire your firm to help recruit or retain staff. Showcasing your services requires building relationships that show how your business adds value when it comes to improving processes, programs or systems involving employees.

Determine a specific target for your services. For example, seek out the HR director at a mid-sized company who makes buying decisions, or the owner of a smaller concern who handles the whole spectrum when dealing with staff. Figure out the particular needs for which your company provides firm solutions. If you sell high-tech recruitment services to software companies, know their needs for recruiting and hiring programmers and quality engineers.

Outline the benefits your services provide. Show in exact terms how hiring your firm saves resources and time for your client if you implement benefits programs for small businesses that don't have their own HR department. Explain how outsourcing management of that benefit program allows the business owner to focus on activities related to its core business rather than answering questions related to sick pay and vacation time.

Create marketing messages that show how the benefits your HR service offers provide value. Focus on the prospect's needs and use real-life examples to show how your company has helped solve similar problems. For instance, if you sell training services, use percentages to show how your program helped improve a company’s ability to successfully resolve customer service issues at a higher rate.

Find ways to start communicating and building relationships with your target. Post messages on social networking sites, develop white papers and offer free webinars to provide ideas, resources and solutions. Rent a booth at a trade show and train your staff to listen to and recognize the needs of prospective clients who stop by.

Ask to meet with the company once you convince them your solution is worth investigating. Before you head to the meeting, prepare to listen and customize your sales tactics to persuade the decision maker that your HR services truly provide value.


Develop and share case studies that explain the HR problem your client faced, how your company’s services offered a solution and the results, such as in higher employee retention that ultimately reduced the costs of constantly searching for new employees.


Don’t assume all companies need the same HR solution. Instead, offer a free needs assessment to get specific information.