The 3 “Rs” of Marketing consist of basic strategies used in developing an effective marketing plan. Reach, repetition and relevance are all measurable objectives companies consider when developing and delivering advertising and promotions through appropriate media. The three components are interrelated and marketing departments should consider the cumulative effects of each "R" function.


In his article "The 3 “R’s” of Marketing" for the Hire Ability website, Gary Stauble explains that reach "has to do with how big of a net you are able to cast." Reach describes the total potential audience your marketing has. The number of unique people that are exposed to a marketing message describes the reach of that message. For example, if eight million people see your ad on a television program, your reach is eight million.


Repetition is the number of times, on average, prospects in your target market are exposed to your marketing messages. Marty Foley of Danex Marketing Resources points out that very rarely do customers remember and retain your message on first exposure. Inattentiveness, lack of familiarity and other distractions are among the common reasons prospects to not fully retain the impact of your message. To create and maintain top-of-mind awareness and to produce desirable buyer behaviors, you must reach prospects multiple times with your message. Stauble notes it typically takes seven message exposures before a customer decides to purchase your product.


No matter how many people you reach and how often you reach them, you will not achieve results without a powerful and relevant message. Relevant marketing should resonate with your target market. They "get it," or understand how your solution or brand best resolves a problem or fills a need. Through effective market research, companies can identify what distinct qualities their customers seek from a provider in your industry. Communicate these core benefits of your brand in your marketing strategies.


Utilizing the three Rs of marketing creates a long-term cumulative effect within your target markets that helps to establish a viable brand. You need to reach people repeatedly with messages that are compelling enough to prompt them to buy, and then return to buy again. Stauble points out that marketing firms must demonstrate their ability to produce powerful marketing messages with the three Rs applied when pitching clients. Advertisers hold marketing firms accountable to produce measurable results when buying their services.