A copy platform enables a business to target an appropriate market and generate leads or convert sales. It is composed of the product or service definition and the brand articulation. These essential marketing elements create the basics for public relations, marketing and advertising. A properly created copy platform lays a foundation for solid communication to the target market.

Define your product or service in clear, concise terms. This means articulating the exact market, demands and needs your business will service. Make claims with supporting data and create easy-to-follow assertions. Support the product or service definitions with facts that provide relevant comparisons to relative items or services and create assertions based on logical arguments.

Articulate your brand with a clear slogan, mission and definition. Determine the exact marketing message on which your business sells customers. The marketing message of your business should equally reflect your target market and what you're offering it, as well as identify the benefit to customers who purchase your product or hire you for your service.

Establish goals for asserting your copy platform, such as a certain conversion rate or targeted lead generation. With a goal of a certain percentage of closed sales in a conversion rate, objectives would be necessary to accomplish your goal. Consider objectives the methods by which you reach your goal, such as hiring a copywriter for your sales letter or optimizing your online sales letter with search engine keywords.