Integrated marketing communications assures that all types of marketing communications are carefully linked together, according to the Multimedia Marketing website. An example of marketing that is not integrated would be a company that uses one slogan on its website and another on its trade show booth. Integrated marketing ensures that all components of a company's marketing convey the same message and that all employees understand and use the company's core message.


One component of integrated marketing communications is a company's brand, which must be conveyed consistently. According to the Side Road website, a brand is a name, sign or symbol used to identify a company and/or its products and services. A brand is also a promise to the marketplace on what will be delivered.

Some of the promotional elements through which marketing communications must be integrated include advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion and direct marketing, according to the Rohan Academic Computing website.


Integrated marketing communications is important because media are fragmented, making it more difficult to communicate a message clearly, according to the scientific journal "Facta Universitatis." Consumers are bombarded by thousands of pieces of information every day. Not having a consistent message makes communicating with the consumer even more difficult.


An integrated marketing communications plan includes an assessment of the market as it is and what state is desired for the market, according to Maurice Parisien with Opus #1 LLC and as outlined at the website Doc Stoc. Components of the market assessment include an analysis of the competition.

The objective of an integrated marketing communications plan should be defined in the plan as well as well as the value proposition a company wants to communicate. An example of a value proposition is, "Our company will be the lowest cost, highest quality producer of fasteners in the industrial marketplace."

The plan should also include what media will be used for communications, how plan effectiveness will be assessed and the tactical approach that will be used to launch the plan.


To assure effective integrated marketing communications, make sure your senior marketing officer, outside firms such as your advertising agency, and other heads of marketing-related departments, such as sales, participate in the development of an integrated message. Once an integrated approach has been agreed upon, it should be communicated to all company employees so everyone understands the message the company wishes to convey.