If you ship a lot of packages using the United States Postal Service (USPS), or even if you only ship a few every once in awhile; it is a lot easier to ship these items using an online USPS account. Once you create this account online, all of your shipping needs can be taken care of without ever having to leave your home or office. You can receive free shipping supplies; find all of the needed forms (even international ones) and be able to print them, create shipping labels, save addresses, buy stamps or other products, send business or personal greeting cards, mail letters or postcards, pay for the shipping and even request pickup of your packages. All of this can easily be completed if you know how to create an account with USPS online. The following steps will take you through the complete process.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Internet Connection

  • Personal Information

  • Business Information

Step 1.

Open the United States Postal Service website: www.usps.com (see Resources below for direct link). Click on the “SIGN IN” link on the upper right.

Step 2.

Sign up for a new USPS online account. Select the “Sign Up” button on the lower right.

Step 3.

Fill in the details. A “New User Sign Up” page opens. The answers are case-sensitive, so be sure to make note of them somewhere safe. You will have to fill in all of the *required fields”, which includes: Username, Password (twice), security question (select one from the drop down box), answer to security question (twice) and then click on the “Continue” button on lower right. If you select a username that is not available or do not fill in any of the information correctly, you will be prompted to make changes to it.

Step 4.

Select your USPS profile account type. You will have to decide if your United States Postal Service account is a personal or business account. You can read about the differences first from the information provided, and then select one by clicking to the left of it.

Step 5.

Fill in your USPS account information and verify it. You will need to fill in all of the required (*) fields for your “Contact Information” and also the “Company Information” (for business accounts). Click on the “Continue” button on lower right. You will see a summary of the account information, verify all of the information and either select “back” and make changes, or click on the “Continue” button.

Step 6.

Agree to Privacy Act terms and begin using the account. Read and select “Yes” to agree to terms provided and then click on the “Continue” button. The page that opens will give you several options to start using your account right away. Select the appropriate services needed.