How to Ship Packages With DHL

How to Ship Packages With DHL. Shipping a package anywhere in the world can be done easily by utilizing DHL's worldwide delivery services. Packages can be shipped from the comfort of your own home or via any of DHL's shipping facilities. To learn how to ship via DHL, follow these instructions.

Shipping via DHL Shipping Facility

Bring your package to a designated DHL shipping facility. Locations can be found on DHL's website.

Determine the desired delivery time for your package. Choices include same day, next day, 2nd day and ground.

Fill out the waybill with all pertinent information, such as the delivery name and address, your information as the sender and desired delivery method.

Give your package and waybill to the DHL representative and pay for the service. You will be provided with a tracking number to track the package while it's en route.

Shipping via DHL Online User Account

Open a DHL online user account via the Internet or call a DHL customer service representative to do so over the phone. Benefits to having a DHL user account include free shipping supplies.

Pack your shipment in an appropriate container, such as a mailing envelope or box. Make sure there are no previously used labels on your container.

Complete a waybill online. This will include the sender and receiver's address and other pertinent information. Print the waybill out when completed.

Call DHL and arrange for a pickup of your package. You can also drop your shipment off at a DHL drop box or bring in to a DHL shipping facility. Locations for both, as well as the DHL phone number, can be located on DHL's website.


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