Sober living homes, also called halfway houses, provide a safe housing option for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Few homes receive government funding, but some private foundations provide grants to help cover the cost of running homes, as well as to help residents with living expenses.

Sober Living Foundation

The Sober Living Foundation provides monthly living expenses for individuals who are living in approved sober living homes. The Sober Living Foundation receives funding from religious organizations, families and community partners. As of 2010, these grants are limited geographically to the American Southeast, including Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina. The foundation hopes to increase the geographic area in the future. Approved homes must apply with the foundation and take an online course through the foundation. Homes are reimbursed up to $700 per month and up to 12 months per resident.

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Sonora Area Foundation

The Sonora Area Foundation provides grants every year to help Tuolumne County.Grant amounts vary from year to year. Programs receiving grants must be run by nonprofits and must have strong community support behind them. Applications are due every year on the forth Tuesday of February, April, August, October and December. The board will review all proposals. In 2010, Sonora Foundation awarded the We Care Sober Living Home $10,000.

Sonora Area Foundation

362 S Stewart St

Sonora, CA 95370


United Way

United Way is a foundation that supports local communities financially through grants. The United Way provides grants in varying amounts to nonprofit groups that provide a service to the community, including sober living homes across the country. To apply, find your local United Way office.

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