Self-Inking Stamp Refill Instructions

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Self-inking stamps have an internal ink pad that presses against the imprinted stamp after each use. Over time, the internal ink pad can run out of ink. Self-inking stamps that are refillable will have an ink well that can be opened and refill ink can be added. It is important to follow the proper procedure when refilling self-inking stamps to ensure that they are not over-filled.

Press down on the top of the stamp until the "Lock" line is exposed on the side.

Slide the lock tab into the locked position.

Pull the ink well out until it clicks into place.

Fill each of the ink wells with 15 drops of refill ink. Push the ink well back into the body of the stamp. Wait 15 minutes before using to allow the refill ink to absorb into the internal pad.



  • Wear disposable gloves to avoid getting ink on your fingers.


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