One of the effective ways to advertise your business is to sell products online. Selling online gives business owners the ability to reach thousands of potential customers. Business owners can also sell their products from the comfort of their homes by selling online.


Companies such as Yahoo offer businesses the opportunity to create a storefront to sell their products online. You decide on the items that you would like to offer for sale and create a listing for each item in your storefront. Include pictures with each item. A shopping cart and checkout is included in the storefront setup. The shopping cart feature automatically calculates tax and shipping for the products purchased. Potential customers can browse items and also take advantage of savings using coupons or gift certificates.

Auctions and Classified

Classified listing sites and auction sites, such as Craigslist and Ebay, are other options. Create a free account on Craigslist and you can list as many products as you wish for free for up to 7 days. Ads can be created with or without photos. Your products can be viewed from all over the world. Ebay is one of the largest auction websites. Create a seller account then post items for sale that people bid on. A listing remains on the site for 7 days. At the end of the listing period, the highest bidder wins the item. If you add the Buy It Now feature, the first buyer who wants to pay the listed price can purchase the item immediately.


Create your own website and incorporate merchant solutions to allow customers to purchase products directly from your website. Visit for reviews of web-hosting companies, some of which offer websites under $10 per month. Signing up with Paypal makes it easy to process payments on your site. Customers can use their credit card or checking account to pay for items with PayPal. There is no additional charge to buyers for using Paypal, and the seller only has to pay a 1 percent service charge for each transaction.