Your new salon will likely not be the only one in town, so showing potential clients why it is their best choice is crucial to earning a new client base. In order to kick things off, you need to host a grand opening event that's both entertaining and memorable to prevent customers from coming for free stuff and returning to their other salons.

Salon Products Bar


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If your salon features unique cosmetics or salon products, presenting your product line necessitates something memorable--something that your customers haven't seen before at every other salon they've been to. Try setting up a table or renting a bar for the evening, complete with a bartender. Stock up on fancy glassware like wine, champagne and martini glasses and create a menu. Then serve customers samples of your products in the glassware, as if at a cocktail party. Use customized tags that dangle elegantly from the glassware stems to display product information. You could also have a staff member walk around with these samples on trays. This approach also works very well if you sell unique jewelry items at your salon.

Strip Mall Party


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If your salon is located in a line of other establishments, rely on their customers to drum up new business. Propose a grand opening evening where guests can come to your salon from other businesses. For example, the party can start at an adjacent bar, move to the tanning salon next door, and move from business to business for beauty-related events at each establishment. End with an in-store or parking lot pamper party where guests are treated to simple complimentary salon services, like nail color or style consultations. This creates good relationships with surrounding business owners and gives guests a variety of events to chose from.

Extreme Makeover, Local Edition


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"Extreme Makeover" was a popular television show where deserving individuals received a litany of free makeover services, often transforming their lives in the process. Hold a citywide complete makeover contest where contestants write in with stories about why they deserve makeovers. Hold an event for all contestants and any community members interested in attending, and read aloud several of the touching stories by entry finalists. This event is likely to be a tearjerker and will set your salon apart as one with a heart for community service. Winning contestants can participate in a fashion show hosted at a later date, giving you two grand opening events. These kinds of events often attract positive media attention.