When you're launching a new business, make a splash with a grand opening party. You've worked hard to get here, and this is your chance to celebrate and welcome your business to the world as well as drum up some much-needed customer excitement. Unique invitations help to make prospective customers or clients aware of your presence, as well as send a message that your goods and services are a cut above the competition. You will want to make every aspect of your party professional and perfect, and that starts with the invitation.

Chose a Theme 

Match your invitation to the theme of your business and your brand. If you are opening a medical office, for example, have your invitation replicate a prescription or stethoscope. For a law office, print your invitation on paper the color and shape of a judge's gavel. To christen your new art gallery, include imagery in your invitation like a painter's palette and put the party details in the color spots. Once a difficult task, today's desktop publishing tools have made it easy for professional printers and even skilled amateurs to make theme invitations. If you choose to do this yourself, office-supply stores have a variety of fine papers and envelopes to choose from. Don't make your theme too cheesy; after all, this is an invite to your business, not a child's party.

Cut the Ribbons

The ribbon cutting is a symbolic ceremony to launch a new business. Re-create this ceremony in your invitations. Wrap your invitation with a red ribbon. The recipients of your invitation will have to break the ribbon to open your invitation, thereby "cutting the ribbon" for your new business. Word the invitation to reflect that the recipient attend your party to help you cut the ribbon and open your doors. Don't forget the important details – the operation hours, contact information, address and dates with the year included.

Treat Your Opening Like a VIP Event

Treat your grand opening like the special event that it is by printing invitations on tickets, or on a VIP guest badge with the recipient’s name on it. On the ticket or badge, make it clear the invitation must be presented at the event for admittance – just like a real ticket. Attach the badge to a lanyard as is done for VIP passes to major events. Proofread every word before printing. Nothing is more embarrassing than a misspelled name or title.

Chinese Takeout Box

This one is bit elaborate, but go big. Chinese takeout boxes, available at many novelty stores, have become symbolic of our on-the-go lifestyle. They represent a great way of showing that you intend your business to be a busy one. Fill your box with fortune cookies that have details of your opening printed on the "fortune." Have the box hand-delivered as if it were actual takeout, with all of your information and branding included inside the box.