Business Open House Ideas

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Realtors run ongoing schedules of open houses designed to tour buyers through an individual property. Even companies that don't use these events as standard business tactics can benefit from inviting the public to showcases of what they make and sell, how they serve and provide. Planning a successful open house means going beyond the punch-and-cookies cliche, tailoring the event to highlight capabilities and equipment, explain community role and achieve strategic publicity goals.

Serving Samples

Businesses that focus on food and drink can turn their own products into the stars of their open-house events. A bakery can offer bite-sized samples of a range of sweet temptations, designed to connect delicious tastes with the impulse to buy more of them. A restaurant can construct an amuse-bouche event, transforming these single-mouthful servings into showcases of culinary imagination. A winery or brewery can offer sips of summer specialties or vintage tastings, with careful screening of participant ages.

Demonstrating Equipment

From breakthrough medical diagnostics to enhanced exercise or strength-assessment tools, an open house can help publicize, demonstrate and explain the benefits of new gear to the public. Regardless of the technology involved -- fire trucks, printing presses, automotive service capabilities -- people enjoy looking at advanced equipment, watching it operate and taking a carefully guided hand at the controls. These types of events can offer family-friendly opportunities to pose for pictures, learn what equipment does and take away an enhanced interest in an organization's qualifications.

Explaining Services

A business entity that conducts most of its operations away from public view can use an open house to explain its services, connect them with the public and potential clients and even turn the event into a means of helping the community. An EMS provider can combine a tour of its ambulances with a health fair that offers blood-pressure screenings or blood-sugar checks. A landscaping service can highlight its selection of locally sourced plants and its environmentally friendly practices. A child-care or adult day facility can showcase its decor and facilities and introduce administrators, teachers and caregivers.

Showcasing Fun

Sports venues of all kinds offer built-in fun at open house events, turning their business capabilities into the day's or evening's focus. From skating rinks to go-kart tracks, batting cages to driving ranges, these types of facilities can build their celebrations directly around in-house configurations. Whether they offer skating demonstrations, a free chance to take a lap around the track, professional assessment of batting form or putting stance, they can entertain and build public interest in one step.