Business Grand Opening Ideas

The grand opening for your business is a chance to introduce your business to the public, obtain new customers and kick-start your earnings. More than just the day the doors of your business officially open, your grand opening sets the stage for the future of your business. Make sure to show your business off with a grand opening that will have people talking and drive business to your new store.


Visually announce your new business with signs, banners and blow-up displays. Over-the-top, large displays will draw attention from potential clients driving or walking by your store. If your location does not face a busy street, place signs, people in costumes or other eye-catching displays at the closest intersection to your business. Your objective is to be as visually stimulating as possible to catch people's attention and draw them to your store.


You should announce your business through mailings and newspaper advertisements. Include a map to your store, discount coupons and other promotional information to announce your grand opening. Make your announcement strong enough that people will place it on their refrigerator, not in the trash.

Pre-Grand Opening Party

Hold a special pre-grand opening party and pass out invitations to friends, business contacts and anyone who has helped to establish your new business. In addition to giving thanks to all that have helped you on your journey, your closest contacts will know your business firsthand and can help spread the word about your new business.


Contact your local newspapers and business magazines about doing a feature article on your new store. You will need to have a unique spin on your proposal to get their attention. Propose an article that ties your business to a larger common interest like natural living, philanthropy or other newsworthy topic. Examples include locally grown produce, imported items from a third-world cooperative group or a nonprofit where some of your profits are donated. If you join your local chamber of commerce, you may gain access to an official ribbon-cutting ceremony with elected officials, which could gain press coverage.


If you buy advertising on a local radio station, you may be able to host a live broadcast at your grand opening. Live broadcasts will draw in customers and gain your business valuable exposure. You can also provide giveaway items that can be used as on-the-air prizes during the live broadcast and for several days after your grand opening to keep the buzz about your business active.


Pack your grand opening with activities and entertainment. Provide activities for children, music for adults, games, prizes and giveaways. Plan activities throughout your grand opening to keep the excitement high and encourage your customers to browse your store longer. Big giveaways should be advertised. Big draws include a prize wheel, money booth or other exciting giveaway concept to draw in more customers to your grand opening.