Questions for Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Customer satisfaction surveys provide a basis for measuring how well organizations have performed in the eyes of their customers. They also highlight aspects of an organization's performance that it may need to improve. Achieving high levels of satisfaction is important because satisfied customers will return to your business and also recommend it to others. If satisfaction is low, companies risk losing customers to competitors and acquiring a poor reputation.

Survey Categories

Surveys are important to manufacturers, retailers and service providers, and the questions are similar for all types of organization. The research firm B2B International suggests five categories of questions covering customer satisfaction with products, delivery, staff and service, price and company. Survey questions typically ask customers to rate their satisfaction on a scale. Some surveys use numerical scales such as “On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely are you to do XYZ?” Others may use values such as “How satisfied are you with XYZ, on a scale of very dissatisfied to extremely satisfied?”

Product Questions

Product satisfaction surveys help organizations focus on improving different aspects of product performance through questions such as “How satisfied are you with ease of use, performance or reliability?” Organizations may also ask about customers’ future intentions with questions such as “How likely are you to purchase this product again?” or “How likely are you to recommend this product to others?”

Delivery Questions

Delivery questions help organizations measure their delivery performances and determine their distribution strategies. To measure performance, organizations ask questions such as, “Did the product arrive at the time we promised?” or “How satisfied were you with the condition of the product when it was delivered?” Questions such as “How easy was it to find the product?” or “How convenient was the method of delivery we offered you?” help influence future distribution decisions.

Staff and Service Questions

The quality of staff and service in stores or in call centers can have a major impact on customer satisfaction. Typical questions include, “How satisfied were you with the quality of service from our representatives or sales assistants?” or “How do you rate the product knowledge of our representatives?” Surveys also assess satisfaction with staff attitudes through questions such as “How courteous were our staff?” or “Was the agent able to deal with your inquiry efficiently?”

Price Questions

Customers may assess an organization’s prices in terms of absolute cost or value for money. To find out about attitudes to price, organizations ask questions such as “Are you satisfied with the price of the product?” or How willing would you be to buy this product at a price of $x?” Value questions include “Does the product or service represent value?” or “How does the product compare with competitive offerings in terms of value?”

Company Questions

Survey questions about a company provide a picture of customers’ overall satisfaction with an organization. Questions such as “How likely are you to buy from the company in the future?” or “How well did the company meet your needs?” help clarify an organization’s reputation.