National and regional industry-specific trade shows are a popular and valuable marketing strategy, where businesses can showcase the products and services they offer consumers, in an exhibit hall. Vendors set up trade show booths and a 2-foot by 6-foot table for displaying their products and services, providing them with a small remote office space. The table cover is an all-important part of the display and there are many options, along with the requirements, for setting up the table.

Trade Show Booths

Trade show booths typically consist of a customized display panel, used as a backdrop, a table, at least two chairs, and a personalized trade show table cover. Vendors can ship tables and chairs to the exhibit hall with their display booth, or rent them from the hotel or convention center. While there are specific size requirements for covering a 6-foot table, vendors have many display options for their 6-foot standard trade show table covers. Trade show table covers should create an eye-catching display to draw in prospects, for effectively marketing their products and services.

Table Coverage

Depending on the quality and condition of the table, and the desired look of their remote exhibit hall office, vendors usually opt to completely conceal their trade show table. This provides vendors with a cleaner more streamlined look to their meeting space and more storage capacity for brochures, laptop bags and purses, underneath the trade show table. Standard trade show table throws are available to vendors in 84-inch by 130-inch or 84-inch by 154-inch table throws. A smaller table cover, encasing the top flat side of the table only, may be used in combination with a table skirt. Table skirts are easily attached around three of the four sides of the table, using adhesive strips along the table edges. Vendors can also choose to cover the table with a solid throw and use a tailored table runner, positioned from front to back or side to side, atop the table throw. The color scheme and design of the table cover is as important to successful marketing as the display booth itself.

Design Options

Vendors have a wide array of choices in color and design for their 6-foot trade show table cover. Table throws, runners and covers come in standard color options including black, white, beige, bone, charcoal, burgundy, dark green and navy. Vendors can have additional colors designed to perfectly match their company color. Table throws, runners and covers are most often customized with an imprint of the vendor logo and product or service design. Company logos and design imprints can cover the entire table throw, be displayed on a vertical or horizontal table runner in the middle of the table or be showcased on the front 30-inch by 72-inch display side of the trade show table.