Fastest Ways to Make Money Online

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If you need to make some extra money, turning to the Internet makes sense. Making money online allows you to work at your own pace, earning money when you want and where you want, without interfering with your full-time job or your personal life. The key is to focus on your own talents and interests -- focusing on what you do well will help you make the most of your online earnings potential.

Online Classifieds and Auctions

Extra money could be as close as your closet or storage shed. Most of us have items we no longer need, and online classified ads and Internet auctions can turn those unwanted items into cold, hard cash. You can list smaller items on auction sites like eBay and ship them to the winning bidders when the auction is over. For larger items that are not readily shipped, consider running classified ads in your local newspaper or online. After you know what types of items sell well, you can even expand your business by picking up items at yard sales and reselling them on the Internet.

Article Writing

If you are a good writer with a solid command of the English language, you can bring in some extra money by writing articles for the web. Website owners are always in search of content they can use to drive customers through their virtual doors. Article marketplaces allow writers to profit from their experience and expertise.

No matter which site you choose, be prepared to submit a writing sample and your resume. Be sure your sample reflects your best work and are free of spelling and grammatical errors, since these sites can be quite selective about whom they work with.

Freelance Jobs

If you have a particular talent that lends itself well to the online world, you can pick up some extra cash by bidding for jobs and completing projects on freelance sites like, and These sites bring together businesses and individuals who need projects completed and professional freelancers who have the skills needed to the do the job. Freelance sites include opportunities for programmers, web developers, database designers, copywriters and other professionals. Expect to bid for the project in question, and pay a small percentage of each project to the freelance site.