An online goody bag business can be a successful one. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people spend more than $140 billion a year online and there isn’t any reason you can’t make some of that money. Goody bags are those great little gift bags you receive at parties or on holidays, which are filled with small gifts like fragrances, CDs, toys, candy, gifts and anything that is small. Goody bags can be oriented toward children, women, boys, or made for people of a certain age group or who participate in a certain event. However, starting an online business is not free and it does take time, effort and marketing skills to promote the business.

Determine the type of goody bag products you are going to sell. Try to specialize within the niche. For instance, you can sell eco-friendly goody bags made from all-natural materials or hand-made gifts and treats. You can specialize in food items, or international gift items. Keep your product line simple and categorize your products according to price.

Analyze domain name options. Think of a domain name that reflects your product. Avoid using your business registered name but instead use a fictitious or DBA (Doing Business As) name that reflects the goody bag product. Remember the domain name is the name that will be remembered by customers, and it is easier to remember a name that is associated with goody bags.

Locate a webhosting service. Most of the websites that sell domain names also sell web hosting packages. As this is an e-commerce site use a webhosting space that is midsized. Pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Most web hosting companies charge between $5 to $10 a month.

Look through different website templates and e-store templates websites like Website Templates, Stylish Template or Steve’s Templates to find one that may be appropriate for your new online goody bag business. Be sure the template has shopping card options. Write the descriptions and content for the goody bag website. Hire a freelance web designer to help you load the website you chose to your domain name.

Promote the website. Create a Facebook and Twitter account and add members and fans. Tweet about your goody bag service and explain why these make nice gifts for friends or business associates. Write articles about your product explaining the benefits and the types of gifts that can be chosen to be a part of the goody bag. Post the information on your website or blog. Create listings on auction websites like eBay Etsy. Place a link to your website in your listing. Place advertisements on bulletin boards like Craigslist or the Bulletin Board. Add your website address to business cards, and letterhead. Leave your business card on restaurant or store bulletin boards so people can find your website. Send out newsletters, and promotionals to customers who do buy from you.

Hire a search engine optimization specialist to help you list your website on a first page in the search engines. Think of search terms people might use to find a website like yours. Write these terms or keywords down and give them to the SEO specialist. Have him help you get a first page listing under those terms or other keywords like gifts, gift bags, goody bags, and others that refer to your particular niche. This way people will find your online goody bag business when looking for those terms.