There are a wide variety of approaches to take and angles to work when selling gold and silver jewelry. Likewise, there are many ways you could approach the marketing aspect of your business. Promoting the jewelry properly requires understanding your target market thoroughly. By deciding what benefits your pieces have to what demographics you can better determine the best marketing channels to display your gold and silver jewelry through.

Target Market

Define your target market by evaluating the quality and price points of the jewelry. Determine if the gold and silver jewelry are high-quality pieces that will appeal to affluent members of society or if they are inexpensive pieces that are more economical. Research the background of the pieces such as if they were acquired from private owners or auctions or if they are brand new pieces. Likewise, decide who is most likely to be interested in them and able to afford them. All these factors will help you to determine who your target consumers are for the jewelery.


Create a website that showcases your gold and silver jewelery pieces. Show photos of all the jewelery and include a description of each. Whether or not you will include a price point will depend on your target demographic. Price points will be important to those in the lower and middle classes but might mean less to those who are more affluent. An affluent buyer may be more interested in the piece itself rather than the price point associated with it. By requiring them to contact you to determine the price, you may be more likely to close the sale. If you rotate your stock often or frequently receive new pieces, create a "featured" page to promote new items or jewelry you want to highlight.


Television commercials can help you to showcase your jewelery collections vividly and in a way that engages the consumer. By filming your products and storefront you can convey to the consumer the buying experience they can expect from visiting your store. Through a video you can also showcase a wide variety of stock in seconds. You never know which piece might capture the eye of the consumer so by panning through your displays you can increase your chances of creating a sale.

Market the Investment

Not every buyer of gold and silver jewelry is looking for a piece that will be worn or displayed. Some consumers see the gold and silver metals themselves as a sound investment and will purchase pieces simply for their precious metal value. Purchase or collect broken and outdated gold and silver jewelry to be marketed to those looking to invest. Promote this aspect of your business through your website and advertisements to alert consumers that they can purchase jewelery pieces at a bargain for the sole purpose of investing.