The front desk is generally at the front of an office space or building where the receptionist or clerk works. The front office is the most visible department in an office building or company, so it is essential the front desk be efficient and organized to accommodate management, co-workers, visitors and vendors, especially on very busy days. The basic crucial accessories needed for a front desk office is furniture, the latest office equipment and supplies.



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Avoid purchasing a desk and chair that is more stylish than ergonomically comfortable. Ergonomics is the designing of office furniture and work environments to optimize human well-being to increase productivity and prevent chronic pain from repetitive work. Remember you may be at your desk for a very long time, so if your furniture is not comfortable it can cause strain and, over time, possibly injury. If you’re on a budget, check your local newspaper for sales and shop for secondhand furniture. Call around to businesses regarding their floors models. Sometimes the floor models may have small marks on them but can be marked down 75% off making them a great deal. Another option is to lease or rent furniture and, as an added bonus, payments may be 100% deductible for business purposes.

Technology and communication equipment

Purchase a computer or laptop tailored for your business needs. In today’s technological world a computer is an essential part of running a business so invest in one wisely and, to save money, buy an all-in-one printer. This piece of equipment is a printer, fax, copier and scanner all in one making it a great money and space saver. Your communication equipment is your lifeline. It should consist of a multi-line phone system with a portable handset, cell phone and headset, so you can stay connected and won't miss any important calls no matter where you go. Depending on your business, the internet may or may not be important but keep in mind having your business online connects you worldwide possibly bringing in new business, and these days it’s inexpensive to be connected. A digital camera and web cam is not so essential but are a great assets should you ever need them.

Office Supplies

Create a checklist of inexpensive and expensive general office supplies necessary for daily use. If your office uses certain supplies on a regular basis frequently, consider opening an account for delivery that gives you volume discounts and sometimes freebies on large orders. If you having to penny pinch, look for deals at discount stores and sales at office supply stores. The best time to buy office supplies and stock up is when kids go back to school and there’s a back to school sale with no tax on many items. You’ll find some great buys and be able to stretch a dollar.

Finally, add your personal touch with music, family pictures, paintings, works of art and plants to make your office more like home and a pleasant environment to work in.