The YMCA is a nonprofit organization that is found in 10,000 neighborhoods across the nation. It has been around for nearly 160 years and is designed to promote community and potential. It also seeks to influence lasting change in communities and help people learn and grow. One program offered by the YMCA is the aquatic program. Each aquatic program must have a YMCA director to oversee it and ensure that it operates smoothly.

Essential Duties

A YMCA aquatic director must showcase the YMCA traits of respect, caring, honesty and responsibility. He must also be able to interact well with others and be upbeat. He is in charge of everything to do with the aquatics program including supervising program activities, hiring employees, planning schedules, ensuring proper maintenance of pools, teaching classes, promoting the program, responding to communities inquiries and complaints, compiling program statistics and scheduling special events such as birthday parties at the pool.

Working Conditions

Because of the magnitude of the workload demanded of the aquatic director, the job can be quite stressful. A YMCA director must be able to juggle dealing with the public, staff and emergencies all at once. She must also be prepared to manage the temperature of the pool. The deck is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the pool itself is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, she must be able to step in to cover for unavailable staff if no substitutions can be found.

Certification Requirements

A YMCA director must have a bachelor’s degree in physical education, recreation or another related field to qualify to be a YMCA aquatic director. He must also have a basic understanding of YMCA programs, swim lessons, aquatic exercise and a good knowledge of budgeting. All aquatic certifications are mandatory such as Pool Operator, CPR and First Aid.

Physical Requirements

A YMCA director must be able to work long hours and be available at a moment’s notice. She must also be physically fit. She must have the strength, agility and mobility to perform all activity requirements and be able to life 40 pounds.