Just because someone has become a senior citizen doesn't mean that her educational journey must end. There are many grants and scholarship programs to help seniors learn new skills. These grants help seniors get into college or technical school, helping them improve their lives.

Education Grants and Scholarships

Many colleges offer free tuition to seniors in selected classes and programs. Not every college offers free tuition, though many offer reduced tuition. To find out the requirements, contact the institution you wish to attend and talk to the financial aid office. A financial aid adviser can list all the programs the school offers to seniors.

Pell Grants

Many college students have used Pell Grants to continue their education. Seniors can apply for Pell Grants as well. These can be used in concert with reduced tuition at the university of your choice. This means the senior can potentially go to college for free, even if the college does not offer free tuition to seniors. The Pell Grant application is available online at the FAFSA website.

Department of Labor Grants

The Department of Labor offers re-education grants to seniors who have lost their jobs. The department provides cash to attend technical and trade program schools. The Department of Labor also offers on-the-job training programs at various institutions. These programs are offered through the Department of Labor website and local unemployment offices. Applications can be filled out online or on printed paper. Unemployment office staff are available to help with questions on the application form.

Senior Community Service Employment Grant

The Senior Community Service Employment Grant, or SCSE, is available to community centers to hire and train seniors. These grants are used to provide part-time employment to low-income seniors. To qualify, the senior must be at or below 125 percent of the poverty level. The senior must work part time and be offered classroom training programs. To apply, visit the Department of Labor website.