In today's economy, many husbands and wives are looking to earn extra income. Whether they use the skills they learned in college or previous jobs, or venture into a new territory, there are a number of businesses married couples can embark on together. As such, consider starting a food, real estate, online or education business.

Food Businesses

Couples who love food and have a passion for customer service can venture into the food industry together. Consider opening a restaurant that serves a blend of foods from your respective cultures. Or, you can create a menu based on your favorite foods as a couple. Alternately, couples with superb cooking and business skills can open a catering business together and cater events in the local area like school and church functions.

Real Estate Businesses

Husbands and wives can open different types of real estate businesses together. Consider the business of "flipping" houses, which requires purchasing houses and fixing them up to be sold at a higher price for a profit. Or a husband and wife team can sell houses together. One member of the team can handle the business aspects and the other can present and display houses to be sold.

Online Businesses

Many entrepreneurs find great success with online business ventures. Web-savvy couples can build websites for businesses or help ensure that businesses' Web pages are at the top of search results. Alternately, couples can help vendors sell products on eBay or other online stores. Couples can also establish online databases that companies and businesses can easily search. Lastly, couples can open an online store and sell items they produce themselves or items produced by others.

Education and Child Care

Married couples can help improve education outcomes for students in their area with educational businesses. Couples can start an after-school program together, or provide tutoring and college prep services to students. Or, couples can sell textbooks to schools, as well as teach theater and arts courses to students for a fee that is charged to schools. Consider starting an educational field trip company, which will help administrators and teachers coordinate field trips for their classes.