A grand opening party can make or break an office; it’s a great way to let potential clients and customers know that your new office is now in business and it be a springboard for future business endeavors. It is important to do everything possible to make the event a success.

Know the Why, Who, When and Where

Establishing the objective of the grand opening party will make it easier to identify the potential invitees, and the possible date and time. These are basic to planning the details of the party, and ultimately have an effect on whether the big day will be well-attended or not. The type of people that you invite also needs to be considered. For example, inviting business people to attend the party can be better between Tuesday and Thursday, as Monday and Friday are one of the busiest days of the week. Doing it around lunch time or late afternoon can also have more attendees, as most businesses are busy during the morning. Try to avoid your grand opening in the beginning or end of the month as well; it may be better to do it in the middle of the month. When you create your invitations, invite people who can either be business partners, clients or customers in the future.

Prepare a Good Program

The components of a good program not only depend on the type of business that the office is involved in, but also on the type of audience being targeted. Some grand opening parties have ribbon-cutting ceremonies done by celebrities or prominent people in government. Others have a religious ceremony, such as a church service or a blessing of the new office and its employees. Speeches by important figures in the company, as well as multimedia presentations about its products and services are also common.

Have Good Food

A party needs good food. Most event organizers usually hire a caterer for parties such as these. Regardless of who prepares the food, make sure there is enough for everyone and the menu is something that the intended guests will enjoy. Always consider that the time of the event, the location of the office and the type of food served should be loosely connected. For example, an office in the most busy corner of the city should have finger foods and easy to eat dishes as most attendees will probably dress up in office attire for the event.

Make it Festive

The atmosphere can be made more festive with music, balloons, streamers and other appropriate decorations. Having an MC with a personality that can keep the audience alive is a good idea. Providing entertainment or having games can also add some entertainment.

Give Promotional Incentives

Make guests feel rewarded for coming. Having door prizes, souvenir items, contests and a raffle can encourage people to come to the party. Giving out product samples or discount coupons to services not only makes people glad to have come to the event; it is also an effective way to introduce your business to potential customers. To further promote the business, make sure your business card is strategically placed on the samples, coupons and prizes that you give away.