It is traditional for conference attendees to be given a token souvenir to take home with them. Many types of souvenirs are available to offer your conference attendees. When considering which souvenir to purchase, think about your brand, mission and image. For a sporting goods company, it might be appropriate to give away a logo baseball cap or a desktop game. A financial firm may want to offer an Oxford shirt with its logo or an engraved pen and holder.

Items for the Desk

Employees at conferences appreciate souvenirs that they can display or use at their desks. Each of these items would feature your company logo prominently displayed or engraved: business card holder, mouse pad, engraved pen, picture frame, paper weight, letter opener, notepad holder, clock, pen holder and pen, trophy, notebooks, and messenger bag.

Practical Items

Guests at conferences enjoy a souvenir that they can take home and use. Featuring your company logo emblazoned on them, the following items are practical and useable souvenirs: key chain, water bottle, coffee cup, fanny pack, bottle opener, bottle stopper, salt and pepper shakers, cuff links, Christmas ornament, umbrella, pocket knife, neck lanyard or travel thermos.


An edible conference souvenir that guests can either enjoy during the conference or take home is always a good idea. All of these items and more are available with your company logo printed on the label: bottled water, bottle of wine, coffee beans, chocolates, mints, nuts, cookies or a welcome gift basket with several or all of these items.


Giving clothing as a conference souvenir is a great way to get free advertising and let employees or guests show their pride in your company. While there are many clothing options to choose from, these are some of the more popular and all can be embroidered with your logo: T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball hats, polo shirts, fleece jackets or hoodies, fleece vests, Oxford shirts or rugby shirts.