Church Fundraising Ideas to Raise Large Amounts of Money

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Many church fundraisers can be highly successful and fun to plan. Creating a walkway made of bricks engraved with donor’s names is a useful and enduring way to thank members of the congregation for their support. Other fundraisers that can raise a lot of money for a church are golf tournaments, cookbooks and celebrity auctions.

Engraved Brick Walkway

Create a walkway of engraved bricks donated by members of the congregation. Lasers are used to engrave the brick with detailed graphics and artistic-looking text. Typically, a 4 x 8 inch brick can accommodate 20 characters per line, with three lines on each brick. Donors can include their name, a message and a graphic or logo on their brick. Coordinators of the event can choose from a variety of tile colors and finishes. The brick walkway can offer permanent recognition to congregants who donate to the project. It is not unreasonable to charge $100 or more for each brick.

Golf Tournament

If you hold a golf tournament in an interesting venue, such as a private club that players may not normally be able to access, the interest in participating can increase. Players can be asked to pay a fee, often $200 or more, to include a round of golf, a meal, and raffle prizes. You may be able to get time on the course for a discounted rate in return for publicity. If the course, prizes and refreshments are donated, a fee of $150 could generate as much as $15,000 for the church.

Personalized Cookbook

Cookbooks that contain recipes from members of the congregation are another popular fundraising idea. A page describing the church and its history can be included at the beginning, as can family photographs of the members who contribute recipes to the book. The cookbook fundraiser will have a built-in group of buyers – the people who contributed recipes and the rest of the congregation, as well as the general public. Revenue from the cookbook can be ongoing, as people buy them as gifts or for themselves. The church can charge $20 to $25 for each cookbook, and over time sales can generate hundreds of dollars.

Celebrity Auction

For a celebrity auction, committee members solicit donations from celebrities such as photographs, autographs, clothing and personal articles. Celebrities are used to such requests, and often are willing to cooperate by sending along an item in return for the positive publicity it will generate. The key to a successful celebrity auction is to put together a sizable committee of people to solicit donations and allow plenty of time for donations to arrive prior to the event. Participants may be willing to bid a couple of hundred dollars or more for an item belonging to a high-profile celebrity. You can expect a celebrity auction to bring in $1,000 or more, depending on the items.