Sports Business Ideas

Sports enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial spirit should consider starting a business related to sports. Whether entertaining the masses or catering to individuals, sports-related businesses allow you to showcase your love of sports while garnering a profit for your efforts. Consider the various options for sports-related business ideas and get a game plan together.

Personal Attention

Open a personal coaching business. Hold sessions at local athletic centers, public parks or your own home. Focus on one sport and recruit local athletes and sports clubs to enroll in weekly, monthly or camp-based training sessions. Start a fitness business specifically focused on providing athletes with strength and agility training. Focus on specific exercises related to helping improve your client’s performance in their particular sport. Start a business related to helping young athletes market themselves to colleges and professional sports organizations. This can include compiling a highlight tape and preparing informational brochures highlighting the achievements of your client.

Healthy Options

Those with experience and the proper credentials can start a sports nutrition consulting business. Provide athletes with information and training related to portion control and consuming the right mix of food and nutrients for optimum performance. This can include information related to proper pre- and post-event meals. Open a sports nutrition store. Sell supplements, organic foods and pre-packaged drinks and meals geared toward athletes.

Sports Outfitter

Open a sports apparel and equipment store. Focus on one sport and develop a niche or include a wide range of sports and local favorites. Niche ideas include opening a store focused on golf or baseball. Consider offering additional service alongside the traditional retail storefront. For instance, open a batting cage or golf driving range to attract customers to your store. Offer local college and professional team apparel. Host equipment demonstrations and invite sports celebrities to your store to help attract business. Start a shoe business focused solely on offering shoes specifically for athletes. Offer running shoes, football and soccer cleats and socks to go with them.

Other Ideas

Opt for starting a business that introduces people to a new sport or adventure. Become a river guide or open your own whitewater rafting excursion service. Open a sports bar and welcome fans of various sports in for a drink while watching their favorite sports team compete. Open up an indoor sporting complex. Other ideas, some of which require specialized training, include opening a sports medicine office, starting a sports advertising agency and offering services related to event ticket sales.