Businesses use meetings to present employees with new information, solicit feedback and to follow-up on current projects. Often times, managers and business owners also schedule meetings to serve as a vehicle of motivation for their employees. You can use meetings to get employees excited about increasing sales, a new product launch, staff changes or policy changes. What you say during these meetings can affect how motivated your team is to accomplish company and personal goals.

Focus on Goals

Let employees know your desired end results, whether it is to increase overall sales, launch a new product based on customer demand or attract new email newsletter subscribers. Be specific. By talking about the goals you plan to achieve, you give your employees a clear picture of your expectations and what they are working towards. When employees can visualize the end results, they get more motivated to strive towards the goal.

Remind Employees of Past Achievements

Consider achievements your team accomplished in the past and the impact those achievements made on your business and customers. Remind your employees that you have worked as a team in the past to make major strides that helped the company. By reminding of them of past achievements, you can inspire a “can-do” attitude in your employees and motivate them to work their hardest to tackle the next challenge you place in front of them.

Read a Customer Testimonial

Businesses use testimonials to promote their products and services to prospective customers, but testimonials can also motivate employees. During a meeting, read several customer testimonials to your team to show them the impact their hard work and dedication has on customers. Tell them that the more you push towards achieving company goals and individual employee goals, the better the company gets at solving customers’ problems.

Announce an Incentive

Whether you are motivating your team to sell more product and services or generate ideas for a new marketing campaign, mention the word “incentive” at your meeting, and employees’ ears will perk up as they wonder how they will be rewarded for their efforts. During your meeting, mention the types of incentives you are offering for top sales or best ideas. Incentives may range from a monetary bonus or a trip to recognition at a company awards ceremony.

Tell Your Success Story

As a business owner or manager, you likely endured many challenges as you traveled up the corporate ladder or made the decision to start your own business. You can motivate your team by openly and honestly sharing your professional successes and how you overcame your failures in the business world.