There are a variety of approaches to promote your product in a sales letter to a business. Keep the tone of the letter reader friendly while making it sincere and genuine. The letter should be going to someone or company that can benefit from your product, so a link has been made. Focus on an easy-to-read angle as if you are pitching the idea to a friend so potential customers feel relaxed about your offer.

Research, Needs and Persuasion

Do some research on the business to know your prospective buyer’s needs and play on their emotions. When you write the letter, you want to mention what could happen if the business does not have your product. Compare it to competitive products and point out the value or advantages of your specific idea. Write in a positive manner, which helps make your potential customer eager to buy. The personal tone provides a confidence between you and the business. Use any advertising, literature or online links you may have on your product to support your offer. Understand the reader’s needs. Take a unique selling point of the product and promote what it can do for the business instead of the various features. For example, persuade the business that the product will reduce costs and make it easy for employees to produce or provide a service the business does not have.

Grab Attention

Start the letter with a catchy headline to grab the reader’s attention. Tell readers what the product can do for their business. Include a benefit, but leave the details for the first paragraph. Include an image of the product or a happy customer using it if you choose. You only need one or two paragraphs in the beginning to explain the benefits of the product to the particular business. Make an impact at this point with a description of the product’s capabilities.

Point Out Advantages

Provide more detailed information about the product in the middle of the letter. If selling a device that makes working in the office easier, include specifications and how it will help the business. Point out easy-to-use or environmentally-friendly factors of a cleaning product. Make your case clear to generate emotion in the readers so they feel compelled to respond. If you have enclosed literature or a brochure about the product, mention it in the middle part of the letter.

Closing Catch

Encourage the potential client to contact you in the closing of the letter. Let the reader know how, where or when to place an order, or how to get in touch for further information about the product. Make sure the business can reply easily and as quickly as possible. End with a free offer or discount as a personal favor.