When you are giving a presentation to unveil a new product or introduce an existing product to a new buyer, there are some tips to keep in mind that will make your presentation more effective. Remember that you are communicating information to the potential customer. For a successful presentation, think of how you can deliver your message clearly with an eye toward closing the sale.

Know What You Are Talking About

Make sure you know everything there is to know about your product and the competition. Research the history of the product, who manufactures a similar item, how your price point compares to other, similar products, and where the product is available. If there have been problems in the past, such as difficulties with shipping, you should know about it. That way in case an objection is raised during your presentation you can be prepared to handle it. By being well prepared, you can alleviate some of the anxiety that sometimes goes along with public speaking.

In addition to knowing what you are talking about, you should know who you are talking to. Find out about your audience, and whether they have experience with or knowledge of your product. It also helps to know if they are in the mindset to accept what you are about to tell them, or if you are likely to face objections that might hinder a sale.

Structure the Presentation

A product presentation should have a beginning, middle and end. Start off with an opening that introduces participants to the product in the presentation and briefly states the purpose of the meeting. The main part of the presentation, the body, should be divided into easily understood modules, each with a single focus. Use a short summary to reinforce main points.

Question and Answer

Allow time for the audience to respond to your presentation with questions about the product. This may give you the opportunity to elaborate on the features and benefits of the product. On the other hand, you may be asked something you don’t have a ready answer for. Tell the audience you will look into it, and use this situation as an opportunity to follow up with the potential customer.

Presentation Techniques

Rather than reading from a script, it is often more effective to adopt a conversational tone and use index cards with main points written out. Rehearse the presentation using the cards. Visual aids are also very effective in getting your point across. Simple charts and graphs can be effective, or you may choose a PowerPoint presentation or state-of-the-art audio visual effects. Make sure the images you use can be seen clearly by the entire audience. Handouts should be given at the end of the presentation, with your contact information clearly stated.