The goal of any sales presentation is to persuade attendees to buy or invest in you have to offer. Characteristics of these presentations typically include a verbal speech, illustrative props and a concentrated look at the product or concept you are selling. In order to get your audience's attention and keep it, focus on the type of information that is important to them and present it in a understandable and entertaining manner.

Focused Script

Prepare for your sales talk by creating a script that concentrates specifically on your sales item or idea. It should take center stage. You can use anecdotes to drawn in the audience, but make sure you can bring the story back around to what you are selling. CBS Money Watch says you should tell a story with a start, middle and finish in order to have a comprehensive speech. Take time to make your script balanced and easily comprehended. Write your script in a manner that mimics natural speech so it will not come off as stilted when you make your presentation.

Tailor to Audience

While you concentrate on your product or idea in your speech, also consider the audience listening to you. You should tailor your information to what will impact this particular group of people. For instance, if you are speaking to investors, your primary focus will be on how their funds will turn a profit. On the other hand, it you are speaking to a focus group of consumers, your concentration will lean toward why they personally need or will want what you have to offer.

Tools Selection

Choose props that will help show the audience how your product or idea works. Typical illustrations include projection sales graphs that visually impact your audience. You also can create a short video, a live product demonstration or a series of PowerPoint images as long as they have a clear focus and do not distract from the main point. Never hand out a packet of information before you begin speaking directly about what is in it, because individuals are likely to stop listening to you as they focus on the tangible item in front of them.

Entertainment Factor

Businesspeople appreciate professional presentations, but they do not want to be bored. Speeches can lose listeners quickly if they do not take initiatives to retain interest. For example, resist the temptation to stand still during the presentation. Move around some to keep your audience moving their eyes. Balance out long verbal passages with your visual props. Look at individual faces and smile. Finally, get the audience directly involved in your sales presentation. Ask them questions to connect them with you and idea and encourage them to offer their own queries and comments. The University of Florida IFAS Extension recommends allowing your audience to interact with what you are selling. If it is a small product, for example, let them hold it and pass it around.