A flyer is a single page handout used for quick and inexpensive advertising. Flyers are usually printed on thick, standard-sized paper and posted on bulletin boards, car windshields and mailed to homes and businesses. A medical office flyer is a great solution for announcing a new business or for informing patients that you’ve relocated. Incorporate basic contact information and visual aids such as a map insert to help people readily identify and find the right location. Add a photo of the office building including medical signage for added affect.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Word processor

  • Printer

Step 1.

Compile information at your workstation for the medical office flyer by using existing electronic files or choose printed documents. Group together the relevant office documentation. Find the name and address of the business, telephone, fax and electronic contact information, and the doctors' names and specialties.

Step 2.

Type the name of the clinic at the top of the page, followed by a list of names of the doctors, along with titles and specialties. Put contact information, office telephone and fax numbers, and after-hours and emergency numbers. List a general office e-mail address and a Web site URL if applicable. Leave spaces between grouped information to make it easier to read.

Step 3.

Insert a locator map that shows the street location, plus any nearby intersections that will help people find the office. Indicate your office building by marking a star at that specific address. Center the map on the page and leave space above and below so it stands out.

Step 4.

State the purpose for the flyer at the bottom of the page. Express the reason you are sending out the flyer, such as “New Office Location”, or “Now Accepting New Patients”. Use bold lettering, vary the font style and select a larger font size than the text above.

Step 5.

Review the information and layout of the flyer on your computer screen. Move sections around within the software program, adding spacing or try different font styles until you are happy with the layout. Print out flyers on light-colored paper for the best visibility.


Use advanced software such as Adobe Photoshop to add medical staff photos, office signage or colored maps.

Use an online map to copy a printable map that can be inserted into your word processor document.

A simple and uncluttered flyer readily conveys information to the reader.

Avoid duplication by double checking that names, numbers and contact information are accurate before sending flyers out.