How to Obtain a FedEx Account Number

FedEx offers shipping account options, depending on how regularly you ship items. If you ship rarely FedEx does not require you to have an account and you only need to obtain a user ID and use your credit card. Depending on the frequency of your shipments you may also receive savings of up to 16% for FedEx express services and up to 8% on FedEx ground and FedEx home delivery services.

Visit the website and click "Open a FedEx Account" on the left side of the page.

Fill out the registration information, which will include your name, e-mail address, address, phone number and create a unique user ID and password to access the website.


Input your account information. When setting up your account you are required to input a credit card number. FedEx also requests information on how many packages you expect to ship per month, which is optional.


Make a note of your account number once your registration is complete. You will also receive an email with your account details.



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