While you can pay for occasional single shipments with a credit card, FedEx requires your business to obtain a FedEx account number to take full advantage of its services and discounts. Opening a FedEx account requires answering a few pages of questions and putting a credit card on file for FedEx to use when you create shipments, request paid pickups or purchase add-ons. You can easily locate your account number after making the account and quickly get started managing your shipments and deliveries.

Why Get a FedEx Account?

Small businesses that open a FedEx account gain access to tools that make it easy to send several shipments, order free supplies, arrange for pickups, customize deliveries and track mail in an advanced way. The account also gives your business access to an address book that can save you time when you ship to frequent customers along with detailed shipping reports that can help you manage your expenses.

At the same time, an account can give your business access to discounts on shipping charges both online and at FedEx Office locations. For example, businesses can get 20% off FedEx Ground shipping and 40% off FedEx Express return services. Purchases at FedEx Office come at a discount of 10%.

You can also join the My FedEx Rewards program to get special offers as you accumulate printing and shipping purchases. You'll be able to activate offers as they appear and win items such as gift cards for meeting the offer criteria.

Getting a FedEx Account Number

To get started obtaining a FedEx account number, visit the FedEx website and click the "Create an Account" button. Click the "Sign Up" button on the account signup page to access the registration form. You'll provide your contact information including your name, email, address and phone number. You'll then choose a FedEx user ID, enter your password twice and choose a secret question for your protection.

You'll then need to agree to the terms of service and confirm you want a brand-new FedEx account versus creating just a user ID or linking an existing account number. You can then click "Continue" to select that you're making a business account, enter credit card details and answer a few questions about your intended usage of the account. Clicking "Complete" lets you view a confirmation screen that lists your new FedEx account number under "Account Information".

If you get any error message during registration, FedEx will have you call its customer service line at 1-800-463-3339 to finish the setup process.

Finding Your FedEx Account Number

After you have your FedEx account set up, you can always go to the FedEx account log in page to sign in to your account and access the "Account Management" menu option. You'll see a list of all FedEx account numbers you possess alongside account nicknames and links to view account information or remove an account. That same page has a button to add another account if you decide your business needs another FedEx account number.

FedEx shipping invoices that you receive for purchases of shipping labels and services will also display your account number. You'll find the number near the top of each page where the invoice number, invoice date and account number get displayed.

If you can't find your FedEx account number using these methods, you can reach the FedEx business account customer service department by phone. Call FedEx's main number at 1-800-463-3339 and follow the prompts to get business account support. You'll need to speak to a representative who will verify your identity and help you with your account number.