When starting any new business, getting the word out and promoting that business is the key to its success. The best ways to promote a new funeral business include having a grand opening celebration, giving the business a strong presence on the Internet, advertising through local media outlets, and using professional groups to network and interact with other business owners.

Step 1.

Hold a grand opening celebration. This will get people’s attention and let them know you are officially open for business. Offer refreshments, give a tour of the funeral home and hand out literature concerning packages and services that you offer. In small towns and midsized markets, a new business opening is sometimes covered by the local newspaper, which is like free advertising for your business.

Step 2.

Use the Internet to spread the word about your funeral home. Create an official website with your hours, location, contact information, pricing packages and photos of your funeral home. Set up a free listing of your business on search engines like Yahoo! and Bing, which means the contact information and address of your business will be listed at the top of the search results anytime someone in your area uses the search engine to look for funeral services. You can also set up a business profile on social networking sites like Facebook, allowing users to view information about your funeral home and interact with you. Facebook is also a good way for people to spread the word about your business to friends and family.

Step 3.

Advertise your funeral home through local media outlets, such as the local newspaper and radio stations. Newspaper and radio advertising reach people in your immediate community and people in nearby communities.

Step 4.

Join local professional groups like the chamber of commerce and area business association. Joining such groups will allow you to meet and network with other business owners and get the word out about your funeral home. By networking with other business leaders, you can form partnerships and help spread the word about each others' businesses.

Step 5.

Print business cards and hand them out to virtually every person you encounter. Handing out your business card to new acquaintances and other professionals will quickly get the word out about your funeral home.

Step 6.

Provide exceptional service to the grieving families who choose your funeral home. In a small-to-midsized market, word of mouth -- positive or negative -- can greatly affect a business, and people often select a funeral home based on recommendations from friends and family. Your growing reputation as a caring, compassionate professional can only help the funeral home.